Drilling and blasting machinery

Don’t get stuck in any situation, make both the rock and the hard place disappear with efficient, specialised equipment to do just that! Moving the hard rocks or just levelling the surface for a building preparation is easy with our equipment. Domino blasting specialises in Drilling and blasting machinery. The company focuses on assisting with quality machines to do a proper job at really competitive prices.

The company has done blasting and drilling for numerous big companies over the years. We own all the necessary equipment enabling you to rest assured that you are not stuck between a rock and a hard place, taking comfort in the fact that we can handle the job. Not only do we have the equipment and operational expertise, but the knowledge of using these machines is instilled in our experienced staff members. From rigs, drilling equipment, compressors, drilling conditions and explosives Domino Blasting is ever ready to be at your service whenever you need us.

Approaching a decade of experience, the company specialises in open cast projects removing all the stones in your way. Blasting machines are essentially needed by construction companies in order to clear and prepare the site. We all know that a successful construction should be started in a clear site, optimising the whole construction process.

We have experts that have superior knowledge about different types of surfaces. So contact Domino Blasting to come assist you with all the drilling or blasting needs.