Highly knowledgeable

This includes knowledge of the products, the rigs, drilling equipment, compressors, drilling conditions, explosives, people and competition. Our level of knowledge of drilling and blasting extends to offering consulting services for drilling and blasting related problems to our customers.

Reasonable price

We know we need to compete on an overall cost basis with our competitors. This goes beyond price of the product and extends to level of service, overall cost performance and efficiency of personnel. We are not a discount store and are in business to make a profit. Our overheads are low, our service levels are high, and our pricing will be competitive.


As within our Company we are very orientated to team work, we believe the best way to service our customers is to become part of their team. We want our customers to feel free to invite us to their meetings, to seek our advice and let us know their expectations. Between all of us we can solve problems and save costs.

Staff and equipment

We employ 30 to 100 permanent staff members and have our own compressors and pneumatic and hydraulic drill rigs. Should you require more information on opencast blasting or other services offered by Domino Blasting, contact us.

Our years of specialist experience qualifies us!

We will tailor solutions according to your unique circumstances.